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MidiDrive A

Characteristics of the MidiDrive A servo drives
  • Analog servo drives for AC servo motors
  • Compact drives for control cabinet installation, very compact design
  • Particularly suitable for applications with higher-level controllers (CNC)
  • Complete with built-in power supply for direct connection to 3 × 400 V / 3 × 480 V three-phase mains (wide-range input 85 to 528 V)
  • Design conforms to EMC requirements due to integrated line filters (CE marked), usable in First and Second Environment according to IEC 61800-3
  • Easy wiring, since all connections can be plugged in at the front
  • High performance with compact dimensions thanks to use of surface mounting devices (SMT) and latest power transistors (IGBTs)
  • Easy installation due to adjustable gain, speed, and offset
  • No re-adjustment necessary when the drive is replaced thanks to plug-in customer module with all setting components
  • Easily adapted to non-standard applications with plug-in option modules
  • Rapid acceleration, deceleration and reversing of servo motor by momentary current increase to double the rated current
  • No noise with switching frequency well above audible range or low power dissipation with reduced switching frequency (selectable)
  • 24 V control supply voltage fed externally to retain position information in an emergency stop
  • Safe operation thanks to various protection and monitoring circuits
  • Drive and motor protected by adjustable I²t current limiter
  • Frequent switching off and on possible thanks to rapid discharge of the DC-bus voltage in case of mains switch off (function can be deactivated)
  • Easy error diagnosis with LEDs for ready, overload, fault, standby, and shunt
  • Load and speed monitoring with current and speed monitor outputs
  • Available also adapted to motors of other manufacturers
Data sheet 6680.250 – MidiDrive A (PDF, 104 kB)

Order number BN 6681 BN 6682 BN 6683 BN 6684 BN 6685
Mains connection 3 × 400..480 V ±10%, 50 .. 60 Hz
(85 .. 528 V with reduced/increased DC-bus voltage)
Bus voltage 560 .. 680 V DC
Rated current, rms value 2 A 4 A 8 A 12 A 20 A
Peak current
(crest value)
5.5 A 11 A 22 A 34 A 55 A
For AC servo motors
– Rated torque
– Shaft power
up to 3 Nm
up to 0.8 kW
up to 7 Nm
up to 1.8 kW
up to 17 Nm
up to 4.2 kW
up to 26 Nm
up to 5.8 kW
up to 48 Nm
up to 10 kW
Switching frequency 8 or 16 kHz (selectable)
Sollwert ±10 V for speed or torque
Dimensions * w×h×d 85 × 255 [275] × 200 mm 150 × 270 [305] × 200 mm
* without [with] mounting straps

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