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Servo drive systems in the torque range 0.1 .. 70 Nm – and more

This is an overview of the available ESR products. We'll be glad to determine the servo drive matching your application and to make an offer (see Support/drive system configuration).

Our product overview as PDF file.

Servo drives
  • matching the servo motors
  • digital technology / analog technology
  • for control cabinet mounting / 19" plug-in modules
  • easy matching to different applications by software and plug-in modules

Multi-axis servo system
  • for any type of servo motor
  • motion control with highest precision
  • coordinated motion in realtime
  • modular design
  • minimum component variety
  • universal use

Servo motors
  • AC motors up to 16 kW / 70 Nm
  • DC motors up to 1 kW / 4 Nm
  • many different designs available
  • matching gear boxes, brakes, and encoder systems
Torque motors
  • Torques of up to 600 Nm and more,
    peak up to 1,400 Nm
  • available ready for installation as flange motors, complete rotary tables, or as motor assembly without bearings
Linear motors
  • ironcore and ironless designs
  • continuous force up to 4.7 kN
  • peak force up to 11 kN

Positioning controls
  • point-to-point positioning
  • coordinated multi-axis motion
  • integration in automation systems with higher-level controllers (CNC/PLC)

Fieldbus interfaces

  • for connection to higher-level controllers or PCs
  • for integration of the servo drives into automation systems

  • command and commissioning program SPP Windows
  • function blocks
  • driver and DLL libraries
  • DriveServer OPC server

  • mounting accessories
  • line chokes and motor chokes
  • connectors and cables, loose or ready-assembled
  • commissioning aids
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