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Servo drive systems by ESR can be used in many different ways (see also: Applications). Especially the digital servo drives offer a high potential for intelligent drive solutions because of Make use of our experience: We offer made-to-measure solutions for your application!
Software solutions

The integrated positioning control of the digital servo drives can be used for much more than just positioning: Under some conditions it can save a complete and expensive higher-level control, e. g. in applications with one or a few axes which are to a great extend independant from each other. We write programs matching your application – just talk to us!

Direct contact: Günther Klenk,, tel.: +49 6167 9306-36

Function blocks

We provide function blocks for easy control of ESR drives in automation systems based on S7 controllers and controllers with programming languages according to IEC 61131-3. Further information can be sent to you on request!

Direct contact: Günther Klenk,, tel.: +49 6167 9306-36

Complete solutions

By combining linear or servo motor (with gear if necessary), servo drive, and optionally operator terminal we establish your drive application as required. Find out about the possibilities!

Direct contact: Günther Klenk,, tel.: +49 6167 9306-36

Please also note our service offer for drive system configuration, customer-specific adaptations, servicing throughout the entire machine life, and the technical support on the page Support.

Our support offer is subject to our General Terms and Conditions (see
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