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Data Sheets of Current Products

Digital Servo Drives:

Data sheet 6770.250
Servo drive systems new generation

Data sheet 6755.250
TrioDrive D/xS / MidiDrive D/xS Servo Drives

Data sheet 6710.260
Software for Servo Drives

Analog Servo Drives:

Data sheet 6650.250
TrioDrive A Servo Drives

Data sheet 6680.250
MidiDrive A Servo Drives

Data sheet 6540.250
UnoDrive Servo Drives

Multi-Axis Servo System:

Data sheet 6620.250
TrioDrive C / MidiDrive C

Servo Motors, Torque Motors, and Linear Motors:

Data sheet 6674.260
MR 74 AC Servo Motors

Data sheet 6674.261
MR 74 Motors with UL/CSA
(complementary data sheet)

Data sheet 6675.260
MR 75 AC Servo Motors

Data sheet 6677.260
MR 77 AC Servo Motors

Data sheet 6663.260
MR 63 AC Servo Motors

Data sheet 6612.164
MR 68/69 AC-Servomotoren *

Data sheet 6700.174
MH 4 Torquemotoren *

Data sheet 6700.161
ML 1 Linearmotoren *

Data sheet 6700.171
ML 71 Linear-Aktuatoren *

Gear Boxes:

Data sheet 0041.151
PNS Planetengetriebe *

Data sheet 0041.152
PNP Planetengetriebe *

Data sheet 0071.151
PWK Planetengetriebe *

Data sheet 0071.152
PWS Planetengetriebe *

Data sheet 0071.153
PWP Planetengetriebe *

Data sheet 0071.154
PWB Planetengetriebe *


Data sheet 8817.201
Accessories for Servo Drives

* At the moment, these data sheets are available in German only.

Archive: Data Sheets of Older Products

Digital Servo Drives:

Data sheet 6750.250
TrioDrive D Servo Drives

Data sheet 6730.250
MidiDrive D Servo Drives

Data sheet 6710.250
MaxiDrive Servo Drives

Analog Servo Drives:

Data sheet 6646.250
TrioDrive Servo Drives

Data sheet 6661.250
MidiDrive Servo Drives

Data sheet 6508.151
DC-Kompaktantriebe *

Servo Motors:

Data sheet 6660.160
MR 4 AC-Servomotoren *

* These data sheets are available in German only.

Operating Instructions

Printed up-to-date operating instructions are always included in the scope of delivery of our products. As a customer you can download ESR operating instructions as PDF files directly from the Internet:

If you do not have access authorization yet, you may request it at the Download / Registration page.

Of course we can also send you these documents to your company address, just send a short message. Other documents which are not on this list can be requested if required. We will send them as print-out or as electronic document by e-mail. Contact: e-mail:, phone.: +49 6167 9306-0.

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