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Linear Motor Actuators

Linear motor actuators (also called electric cylinders) are tubular linear motors in which the piston rod is designed as secondary part. The magnets integrated in the rod make sure that the coil packages installed in the housing of the primary part are able to move the piston rod back and forth. They are also used for gaining position information via hall sensor so that an additional measuring system is not required. This leads to a simple and robust design of the linear motor actuators which are also suitable as a replacement for pneumatic or smaller hydraulic cylinders.

Advantages of the ESR linear motor actuators:

Characteristics of the ESR linear motor actuators

Technical specifications

Order number ML 712x ML 713x ML 716x
Housing cylinder profile with cooling fins and mounting slots cylinder profile smooth with mounting slots
Housing width 54 mm 70 mm 80 mm
Piston rod surface made of stainless steel
Rod diameter 25 mm 38 mm 38 mm
Degree of protection IP67 IP65
Max. velocity * up to 5.9 m/s up to 5.3 m/s up to 6.3 m/s
Max. acceleration * up to 580 m/s2 up to 390 m/s2 > 200 m/s2
Max. force up to 780 N up to 1,860 N up to 3,690 N
Stroke 30 .. 300 mm ** 30 .. 840 mm ** 20 .. 456 mm **
3D CAD data on request
Data sheet 6700.171 (in German) on request
Matching servo drives Servo Drives New Generation, Multi-axis servo system

* Assumption: moved magnetic rod, without payload, at maximum or minimum stroke
** higher strokes on request

On request, we will be pleased to send you further information.

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