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Ball Screw Axes

A ball screw axis consists of a linear module with ball screw by which a carriage can be moved back and forth, and a rotatory servo motor providing for the motion.

Advantages of the ESR ball screw linear modules:

The linear modules can be combined with all ESR AC servo motors.

Characteristics of the ESR Ball Screw Linear Modules

Technical Specifications

Order number MZ 441x MZ 443x
Design made of hard anodized aluminum profile (according to EN 12020-2 medium)
Max. profile length 2 m * 5.8 m *
Technology Ball screw drive (optionally trapezoidal thread)
Protection against pollution Cover strip made of antistatic polyurethane (optionally stainless steel) Cover strip made of stainless steel
Guide rail system Recirculating balls
preloaded without backlash
(two parallel guides providing for particularly high load-bearing capacity and rigidity)
Recirculating balls
preloaded without backlash
Traveling speed up to 2.5 m/s
Max. acceleration up to 20 m/s2
Max. force up to 29.6 kN
Stroke 30 .. 2,000 mm * 40 .. 5,740 mm *
Repeatability ±0.02 mm (ISO7 precision, standard)
±0.01 mm (ISO5 precision, optional)
Width 90 .. 200 mm 65 .. 110 mm
Height 40 .. 100 mm 85 .. 130 mm
3D CAD data on request
Matching servo motors MR series AC servo motors

* higher lengths/strokes on request

On request, we will be pleased to send you further information.

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