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last update: 2022-11-17

2022-11-17 The linear motor actuators welcome ML 716x as a new family member for peak forces of up to 3.6 kN in reliable compact design. Information can be found at Linear motor actuators.
2021-12-16 A leading manufacturer of die-cutting tools needs two axes for a new machine at short notice. We are able to deliver faster than our competitors and get the order for two 32 A Servo Drives New Generation and two servo motors of the MR 74 series with a rated torque of up to 24 Nm.
2021-03-12 The 3D CAD data of our MR 63 servo motor series are now available in the popular Step format for direct download. This makes it easy for you designing your machine: just download the 3D model and insert it into your CAD system!
2020-12-02 For researching marine power generation, a wave generator is required to be used in a model-scale wave power station. For this research project, we deliver two linear motors with splash-water protection and Servo Drives New Generation together with a controller including programming in order to be able to choose frequencies, amplitudes, and phase shifts freely.

Within Plattform Industrie 4.0, Stefan Pollmeier speaks at the Web-seminar of the inter­disciplinary project group on “Collabo­rative Condition Moni­toring” about added value generation by cross-company collabo­ration.

More information: „Kollaborative datenbasierte Geschäfts­modelle “ (in German)

2020-09-01 Will we meet personally 2020? At least not in Nuremberg at the SPS fair – it was cancelled end of August. Instead, you will hear and see more of us online in the future. Our little photo and video studio has already been set up.
2020-08-25 Testing car seats in the automotive industry at −40 to +80 °C in a climatic chamber calls for robust linear drive systems with high forces. We deliver ball screw actuators and toothed belt axes together with matching servo motors and gear boxes and Servo Drives New Generation.
2020-06-09 The versatile use of our servo drives is illustrated on the page Applications / Servo drives in practice – now complemented by numerous exemplary customer applications and solutions.
2020-03-12 Motors with high torques and good smooth-running features are required for a winding machine for fixing systems und joining technology. We deliver several motors for this customer application including a torque motor with low cogging.
2020-01-16 The data sheet 6663.260 of the motor series MR 63 is now available in English in our download section.

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