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Torque Motors

In applications with high torques at low speeds, ESR torque motors are often a good alternative to geared motors or motor-gear box combinations. These direct drives have a higher stiffness and position accuracy compared to solutions with gear boxes. The lack of parts with backlash and friction results in longer lifetime and reduced wear and tear.

Depending on the design type, the torque motors with integrated bearing can be used directly as rotary table or can be built into the machine as easy as a conventional servo motor. Alternatively, we provide torque motors as a kit with separate stator and rotor.

Characteristics of the Torque Motors

Technical Specifications of the Torque Motors (Overview)

Torque motor family MH 41 MH 42 MH 43
Motor type Synchronous torque motor
Design type flange motor, round flange motor, squared flange motor, flat
Degree of protection IP 65 IP 54 (without housing) IP 54 (without housing)
Flange size Ø200 .. Ø300 mm 140 .. 250 mm 150 .. 250 mm
Hollow shaft inner diameter Ø30 .. Ø40 mm Ø30 .. Ø40 mm Ø28 .. Ø45 mm
Rated speed 250 .. 500 r.p.m. 250 .. 500 r.p.m. 250 .. 500 r.p.m.
Rated torque 12 .. 240 Nm 14 .. 272 Nm 6,5 .. 50 Nm
Peak torque 36 .. 720 Nm 42 .. 816 Nm 19 .. 133 Nm
Shaft power 0.6 .. 6.3 kW 0.7 .. 7.1 kW 0.3 .. 1.3 kW
Data sheet 6700.174 (in German) 6700.174 (in German) on request
3D CAD data download download on request
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Further information is given in the individual data sheets. Please contact us if you have more specific questions – e-mail:, phone: +49 6167 9306-0.