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Our software makes parameterization, commissioning, and diagnosis of the digital ESR servo drives easier for you. It can also support you at writing application programs or integrating the drives into automation systems.

“SPP Windows” (full version) and “SPP Windows light” command and commissioning software

for Windows 7/8/10

Function Blocks

for easy integration of the digital servo drives into automation systems

In order to make you an offer, we need manufacturer and CPU type of the controller as well as name and version number of the programming system you use.

* This list is continuously being extended.

DriveServer OPC Server

The DriveServer makes drive integration into automation systems easier. DriveServer supplies PC-based control systems with the data of the connected drives. Access to the drives is carried out via the standardized OPC interface. The principle is similar to the Windows printer drivers: the manufacturer supplies the hardware and the software driver of the device. After installation, all application programs – drive tools, visualization, process data acquisition systems etc. – can access the device and all its functions.

The two-stage DriveServer concept – the manufacturer of the interface card provides the BusServer, the drive system manufacturer provides the DriveServer – is independent from the chosen network technology (fieldbus, Ethernet, ...) and offers a standardized interface to the application software. ESR Pollmeier has participated in the development of this concept. The DriveServer OPC server is available for all digital servo drives by ESR (e. g. for Profibus DP, CANopen, Interbus or TCP/IP access via Ethernet).

Drivers and DLL Libraries

for SPP Windows and for the development of customized application programs under Windows 7/8/10