ESR Pollmeier GmbH - Servo Drive Technology


Important for you as a customer: our after-sales support. We are at your service and assist you in integrating the drive system into the machine and to commission it. For repairs, we are your reliable and competent partner.

Here's an overview of our support offer:

Assistance in Drive System Integration

You have to integrate the drive into an automation system? Let us help you! Our servo drives can be controlled via different interfaces, and we cooperate closely with renowned manufacturers of controllers and with fieldbus user organizations even during development of these interfaces. This sums up to many years of experience and allows us to be up to date and informed about newest products and technologies. We have seen a lot of scenarios and are able to support you professionally.

Technical Support

We know our drive systems – and we are glad to share this knowledge with you! Carefully prepared operating instruction are included in the scope of delivery of our servo drive systems. They describe technical specificatons, interfaces, installation, and commissioning. If questions should still arise during commissioning or operation or in case of a fault, we are ready to support you – just give us a call!

Support via Remote Access

If you grant us remote access to your PC, we will be able to provide quick and uncomplicated help in case support is required – almost as if we were on site. For that, we use remote desktop software AnyDesk. If it is not available on your computer yet, you can download it from (no registration or installation required).

Commissioning Service

On delivery the servo drives are configured to a basic setting. If you do not want to optimize the controller parameters on your own or your application makes extreme demands: Just use our commissioning service! The configuration is aimed at your individual drive requirements, including the control loops settings for highest dynamics and precision.

Repair and Spare Parts Service

If the worst comes to the worst our service team will help you – and we know that sometimes things must go quickly. In addition to overnight shipping of spare parts, we offer servicing on site in very urgent cases and immediate repair of parts brought in by the customer so that the machine breakdown takes as short as possible.

Good to know: Our support offer is valid throughout the entire machine life, even when many years have passed since the drive system has left our house. Today, ESR is still capable of repairing devices which were delivered in the 1970's.

Our support offer is subject to our General Terms and Conditions.