ESR Pollmeier GmbH - Servo Drive Technology


Servo Drive Systems in the Torque Range from 0.1 to 70 Nm – and More

This is an overview of the available ESR products. We'll be glad to determine the servo drive matching your application and to make an offer (see drive system configuration).

Servo Drives

  • matching the servo motors
  • digital technology / analog technology
  • for control cabinet mounting / 19" plug-in modules
  • easy matching to different applications by software and plug-in modules

Multi-Axis Servo System

  • for any type of servo motor
  • motion control with highest precision
  • coordinated motion in realtime
  • modular design
  • minimum component variety
  • universal use

Servo Motors and Gear Boxes

  • AC motors up to 16 kW / 70 Nm
  • DC motors up to 1 kW / 4 Nm
  • many different designs available
  • matching gear boxes, brakes, and encoder systems

Torque Motors

  • Torques of up to 600 Nm and more, peak up to 1,400 Nm
  • available ready for installation as flange motors, complete rotary tables, or as motor assembly without bearings

Linear Drive Systems

  • with toothed belt, ball screw, or linear motor
  • linear axes with carriage and guides or actuators
  • wide range of applications depending on required dynamics, force, and precision

Positioning Controls

  • point-to-point positioning
  • coordinated multi-axis motion
  • integration in automation systems with higher-level controllers (CNC/PLC)

Industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus Interfaces

  • for connection to higher-level controllers or PCs
  • for integration of the servo drives into automation systems


  • command and commissioning program SPP Windows
  • function blocks
  • drivers, DLL libraries, and sample programs
  • DriveServer OPC server


  • mounting accessories
  • line chokes and motor chokes
  • connectors and cables, loose or ready-assembled
  • commissioning aids