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Ernst E. Pollmeier

Stefan Pollmeier

ESR Pollmeier GmbH was founded in 1969 by Ernst E. Pollmeier. The company is still owned and run by the family of the founder. It is located in Ober-Ramstadt, some 40 km south of Frankfurt (Main), Germany.

The Specialist for Servo Drives and Servo Systems

The company started as a consultant engineering firm specializing in industrial electronics. In the late 1970's the focus became servo drive technology which today is the company's only scope of work.

ESR sees itself as a specialist for servo drives and systems. Over 100,000 ESR drive systems in successful operation around the world substantiate the company's claim to offer optimum products and services in this field.

Complete Drive Systems from a Single Source

– this is an accurate summary of ESR's corporate policy. This encompasses core products such as

supplemented by

All parts of a ESR drive package are matched and have been tested as combinations. This guarantees smooth installation, reliable operation, and definite system responsibility on the part of one single supplier.

In addition to that, the “complete drive system from a single source” includes a comprehensive service system. Sales and application department offer competent pre- and after-sales support. Our services in detail:

ESR today is still capable of repairing devices which were delivered in the 1970's. In addition to over-night shipping of spare parts, we offer servicing on-site in very urgent cases and immediate repair of parts brought in by the customer.

You can find more information in our company profile.

Cooperation with Partners

ESR offers its complete servo drive system in close cooperation with selected motor and gear box manufacturers. ESR servo drives and motors are meticulously coordinated in order to offer the customer a reliable solution under all operating conditions.

At the other end of the servo drive, cooperation with manufacturers of CNC and PLC systems enables ESR to offer user-friendly solutions.

ESR products are not only distributed by the mother company in Ober-Ramstadt, but also by sales partners. The fact that labeling partners market ESR products under their own name clearly illustrates the trust ESR's customers place in the company's performance.

To be able to offer products up to the state of the art, and also to be in a position to exert influence on the development of standards, ESR also cooperates with other drive manufacturers in certain fields. These include

In addition, ESR staff are active in various VDI/VDE-GMA committees.