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CAD Data Download

As a manufacturer of servo drive systems we not only supply you with motors and servo drives together with software and accessories – we already support you when the machine is still an idea that takes shape in heads and computers! This includes CAD data of the individual components:




Download the 3D models of our newest servo drives and AC servo motors and import them into your CAD program easily! All design data is available in the common step format, the files are ZIP compressed for faster download.

Servo Drives

Digital Servo Drives

with all connectors, mounting holes, and cable clamp

Servo Drives New Generation (BN 677x .. BN 678x)
Size 1BN 6771 .. BN 6774 (0.8 .. 6 A / 230 V)
Size 2BN 6781 .. BN 6783 (2 .. 8 A / 3×400 V)
Size 3BN 6785 .. BN 6787 (16 .. 32 A / 3×400 V)
TrioDrive D/xS (0,8 .. 6 A / BN 6755 .. BN 6758)
TrioDrive D/AS±10 V analogOption -F0
TrioDrive D/CSCANopenOption -F2
TrioDrive D/PSProfibus-DPOption -F5
TrioDrive D/ESEtherCAT/EthernetOption -F7/-F8
MidiDrive D/xS (2 .. 8 A / BN 6745 .. BN 6747)
MidiDrive D/AS±10 V analogOption -F0
MidiDrive D/CSCANopenOption -F2
MidiDrive D/PSProfibus-DPOption -F5
MidiDrive D/ESEtherCAT/EthernetOption -F7/-F8
MidiDrive D/xS (16 .. 32 A / BN 6748 .. BN 6749)
MidiDrive D/AS±10 V analogOption -F0
MidiDrive D/CSCANopenOption -F2
MidiDrive D/PSProfibus-DPOption -F5
MidiDrive D/ESEtherCAT/EthernetOption -F7/-F8

Analog Servo Drives

with all connectors, mounting holes, and cable clamp

TrioDrive A (2 .. 6 A / BN 6651 .. BN 6653)
MidiDrive A (2 .. 8 A / BN 6681 .. BN 6683)
MidiDrive A (12 .. 20 A / BN 6684 .. BN 6685)
UnoDrive compact (BN 6540 .. BN 6548 + option -S1)

Servo Motors

MR 63 AC Servo Motors

with resolver (-G01), without key (-P0) or with key (-P1) (others on request)

MR 632... flange size 55 mm
MR 6322-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0-P0resolverwithout brake
MR 6322-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MS-P0resolverwith brake
MR 6324-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0-P0resolverwithout brake
MR 6324-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MS-P0resolverwith brake
MR 6326-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0-P0resolverwithout brake
MR 6326-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MS-P0resolverwith brake
MR 6328-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0-P0resolverwithout brake
MR 6328-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MS-P0resolverwith brake
MR 633... flange size 86 mm
MR 6332-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0-P0resolverwithout brake
MR 6332-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MS-P0resolverwith brake
MR 6334-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0-P0resolverwithout brake
MR 6334-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MS-P0resolverwith brake
MR 6336-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0-P0resolverwithout brake
MR 6336-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MS-P0resolverwith brake
MR 6338-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0-P0resolverwithout brake
MR 6338-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MS-P0resolverwith brake
MR 634... flange size 98 mm
MR 6342-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0-P0resolverwithout brake
MR 6342-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MS-P0resolverwith brake
MR 6344-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0-P0resolverwithout brake
MR 6344-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MS-P0resolverwith brake
MR 6346-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0-P0resolverwithout brake
MR 6346-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MS-P0resolverwith brake
MR 6348-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0-P0resolverwithout brake
MR 6348-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MS-P0resolverwith brake
MR 635... flange size 142 mm
MR 6352-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0-P0resolverwithout brake
MR 6352-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MS-P0resolverwith brake
MR 6354-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0-P0resolverwithout brake
MR 6354-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MS-P0resolverwith brake
MR 6356-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0-P0resolverwithout brake
MR 6356-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MS-P0resolverwith brake
MR 6358-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0-P0resolverwithout brake
MR 6358-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MS-P0resolverwith brake
MR 636... flange size 190 mm
MR 6362-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0G-M0-P1resolverwithout brake
MR 6362-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0G-MS-P1resolverwith brake
MR 6363-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0G-M0-P1resolverwithout brake
MR 6363-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0G-MS-P1resolverwith brake
MR 6364-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0G-M0-P1resolverwithout brake
MR 6364-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0G-MS-P1resolverwith brake
MR 6365-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0G-M0-P1resolverwithout brake
MR 6365-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0G-MS-P1resolverwith brake
MR 6366-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0G-M0-P1resolverwithout brake
MR 6366-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0G-MS-P1resolverwith brake
MR 637... flange size 190 mm
MR 6372-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0G-M0-P1resolverwithout brake
MR 6372-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0G-MS-P1resolverwith brake
MR 6374-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0G-M0-P1resolverwithout brake
MR 6374-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0G-MS-P1resolverwith brake
MR 6376-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0G-M0-P1resolverwithout brake
MR 6376-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0G-MS-P1resolverwith brake
MR 6378-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0G-M0-P1resolverwithout brake
MR 6378-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0G-MS-P1resolverwith brake

MR 74 AC Servo Motors

with resolver (-G01) or encoder (-G## for all type code values except -G01), without key (-P0) (others on request)

MR 740... flange size 37 mm
MR 7401-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7401-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7402-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7402-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 741... flange size 55 mm
MR 7411-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7411-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7411-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7411-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MSencoderwith brake
MR 7412-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7412-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7412-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7412-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MSencoderwith brake
MR 7414-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7414-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7414-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7414-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MSencoderwith brake
MR 742... flange size 70 mm
MR 7422-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7422-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7422-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7422-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MSencoderwith brake
MR 7424-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7424-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7424-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7424-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MSencoderwith brake
MR 743... flange size 90 mm
MR 7432-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7432-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7432-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7432-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MSencoderwith brake
MR 7434-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7434-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7434-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7434-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MSencoderwith brake
MR 7436-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7436-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7436-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7436-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MSencoderwith brake
MR 744... flange size 115 mm
MR 7442-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7442-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7442-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7442-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MSencoderwith brake
MR 7444-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7444-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7444-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7444-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MSencoderwith brake
MR 7446-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7446-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7446-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7446-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MSencoderwith brake
MR 745... flange size 140 mm
MR 7452-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7452-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7452-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7452-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MSencoderwith brake
MR 7454-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7454-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7454-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7454-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MSencoderwith brake
MR 7458-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7458-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7458-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7458-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MSencoderwith brake
MR 746... flange size 190 mm
MR 7465-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7465-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7466-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7466-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7467-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7467-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 747... flange size 190 mm
MR7474-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0on request
MR7474-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MSon request
MR7476-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0on request
MR7476-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MSon request
MR7478-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0on request
MR7478-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MSon request

MR 75 AC Servo Motors

with resolver (-G01) or encoder (-G## for all type code values except -G01), without key (-P0) (others on request)

MR 751... flange size 55 mm
MR 7511-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7511-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MFresolverwith brake
MR 7511-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0on request
MR 7511-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MFencoderwith brake
MR 7512-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7512-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MFresolverwith brake
MR 7512-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7512-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MFencoderwith brake
MR 7514-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7514-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MFresolverwith brake
MR 7514-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7514-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MFencoderwith brake
MR 752... flange size 70 mm
MR 7522-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7522-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MFresolverwith brake
MR 7522-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7522-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MFencoderwith brake
MR 7524-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7524-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MFresolverwith brake
MR 7524-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7524-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MFencoderwith brake
MR 753... flange size 90 mm
MR 7532-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7532-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MFresolverwith brake
MR 7532-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7532-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MFencoderwith brake
MR 7534-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7534-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MFresolverwith brake
MR 7534-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7534-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MFencoderwith brake
MR 7536-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7536-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MFresolverwith brake
MR 7536-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7536-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MFencoderwith brake
MR 754... flange size 115 mm
MR 7542-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7542-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MFresolverwith brake
MR 7542-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7542-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MFencoderwith brake
MR 7544-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7544-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MFresolverwith brake
MR 7544-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7544-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MFencoderwith brake
MR 7546-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7546-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MFresolverwith brake
MR 7546-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7546-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MFencoderwith brake
MR 755... flange size 140 mm
MR 7552-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7552-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MFresolverwith brake
MR 7552-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7552-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MFencoderwith brake
MR 7554-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7554-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MFresolverwith brake
MR 7554-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7554-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MFencoderwith brake
MR 7558-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7558-Ux-Nxxx-G01-A0D-MFresolverwith brake
MR 7558-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7558-Ux-Nxxx-G##-A0D-MFencoderwith brake

MR 77 AC Servo Motors

with resolver (-G01), without key (-P0) (others on request)

MR 771... flange size 40 mm
MR 7711-Ux-Nxx-G01-AK2-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7711-Ux-Nxx-G##-AYD-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7711-Ux-Nxx-G##-AYD-MSencoderwith brake
MR 7712-Ux-Nxx-G01-AK2-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7712-Ux-Nxx-G##-AYD-M0encoderwithout brake
MR 7712-Ux-Nxx-G##-AYD-MSencoderwith brake
MR 7713-Ux-Nxx-G01-AK2-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 772... flange size 58 mm
MR 7721-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7721-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7721-Ux-Nxx-G01-AK2-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7721-Ux-Nxx-G01-AK2-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7722-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7722-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7722-Ux-Nxx-G01-AK2-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7722-Ux-Nxx-G01-AK2-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7723-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7723-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7723-Ux-Nxx-G01-AK2-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7723-Ux-Nxx-G01-AK2-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7724-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7724-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7724-Ux-Nxx-G01-AK2-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7724-Ux-Nxx-G01-AK2-MSresolverwith brake
MR 773... flange size 70 mm
MR 7731-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7731-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7732-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7732-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7733-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7733-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 774... flange size 84 mm
MR 7741-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7741-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7742-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7742-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7743-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7743-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7744-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7744-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 775... flange size 108 mm
MR 7751-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7751-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7752-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7752-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7753-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7753-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7754-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7754-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 776... flange size 138 mm
MR 7762-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7762-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7763-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7763-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7764-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7764-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7765-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7765-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 777... flange size 188 mm
MR 7772-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7772-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7773-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7773-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake
MR 7774-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-M0resolverwithout brake
MR 7774-Ux-Nxx-G01-A0D-MSresolverwith brake

Direct Drives

MH 4 Torque Motors (Selection)

MH 415... round, Ø200 mm
MH 4151-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P5loose flange/full shaftwithout brake
others on request
MH 416... round, Ø250 mm
MH 4161-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P5loose flange/full shaftwithout brake
MH 4162-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P0standard/full shaftwithout brake
others on request
MH 417... round, Ø300 mm
MH 4172-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P7loose flange/hollow shaftwithout brake
others on request
MH 425... flange size 140 mm
MH 4251-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P0standard/full shaftwithout brake
MH 4251-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-MF-P0standard/full shaftwith brake
MH 4251-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P4standard/hollow shaftwithout brake
MH 4251-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-MF-P4on request
MH 4251-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P5loose flange/full shaftwithout brake
MH 4251-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-MF-P5loose flange/full shaftwith brake
MH 4252-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P0standard/full shaftwithout brake
MH 4252-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-MF-P0standard/full shaftwith brake
MH 4252-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P5loose flange/full shaftwithout brake
MH 4252-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-MF-P5loose flange/full shaftwith brake
MH 4253-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P0standard/full shaftwithout brake
MH 4253-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-MF-P0standard/full shaftwith brake
MH 4253-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P5loose flange/full shaftwithout brake
MH 4253-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-MF-P5loose flange/full shaftwith brake
others on request
MH 426... flange size 200 mm
MH 4261-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P0standard/full shaftwithout brake
MH 4261-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-MF-P0standard/full shaftwith brake
MH 4261-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P5loose flange/full shaftwithout brake
MH 4261-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-MF-P5loose flange/full shaftwith brake
MH 4262-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P0standard/full shaftwithout brake
MH 4262-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-MF-P0on request
MH 4262-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P5loose flange/full shaftwithout brake
MH 4262-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-MF-P5loose flange/full shaftwith brake
MH 4263-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P0standard/full shaftwithout brake
MH 4263-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-MF-P0standard/full shaftwith brake
MH 4263-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P5loose flange/full shaftwithout brake
MH 4263-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-MF-P5loose flange/full shaftwith brake
MH 4264-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P0standard/full shaftwithout brake
MH 4264-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-MF-P0standard/full shaftwith brake
MH 4264-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P4standard/hollow shaftwithout brake
MH 4264-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-MF-P4on request
MH 4264-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P5loose flange/full shaftwithout brake
MH 4264-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-MF-P5loose flange/full shaftwith brake
others on request
MH 427... flange size 250 mm
MH 4272-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P0standard/full shaftwithout brake
MH 4272-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-MF-P0standard/full shaftwith brake
MH 4272-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P4standard/hollow shaftwithout brake
MH 4272-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-MF-P4on request
MH 4272-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P5loose flange/full shaftwithout brake
MH 4272-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-MF-P5loose flange/full shaftwith brake
MH 4273-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P0standard/full shaftwithout brake
MH 4273-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-MF-P0standard/full shaftwith brake
MH 4273-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P5loose flange/full shaftwithout brake
MH 4273-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-MF-P5loose flange/full shaftwith brake
MH 4274-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P0standard/full shaftwithout brake
MH 4274-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-MF-P0standard/full shaftwith brake
MH 4274-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P5loose flange/full shaftwithout brake
MH 4274-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-MF-P5loose flange/full shaftwith brake
MH 4275-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P0standard/full shaftwithout brake
MH 4275-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-MF-P0standard/full shaftwith brake
MH 4275-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-M0-P5loose flange/full shaftwithout brake
MH 4275-Ux-Nxxx-Gxx-MF-P5loose flange/full shaftwith brake
others on request

ML 1 Linear Motor Components

ML 11... (iron core)
ML 1103primary part (coils)
ML 1106primary part (coils)
ML 1112primary part (coils)
ML 1115primary part (coils)
ML 1118primary part (coils)
ML 1124primary part (coils)
ML 1100-Ksecondary part (magnets, 192 mm)
ML 1100-Msecondary part (magnets, 288 mm)
Analog hall sensoranalog hall sensor
Digital hall sensordigital hall sensor
ML 12... (iron core)
ML 1203primary part (coils)
ML 1206primary part (coils)
ML 1212primary part (coils)
ML 1200-Ksecondary part (magnets, 96 mm)
ML 1200-Msecondary part (magnets, 144 mm)
ML 1200-Lsecondary part (magnets, 384 mm)
Analog hall sensoranalog hall sensor
Digital hall sensordigital hall sensor
ML 13... (iron core)
ML 1312primary part (coils)
ML 1315primary part (coils)
ML 1330primary part (coils)
ML 1345primary part (coils)
ML 1300-Ksecondary part (magnets, 192 mm)
ML 1300-Msecondary part (magnets, 288 mm)
Analog hall sensoranalog hall sensor
Digital hall sensordigital hall sensor
ML 14... (iron core)
ML 1418primary part (coils)
ML 1430-W1primary part (coils)
ML 1430-W2primary part (coils)
ML 1445primary part (coils)
ML 1400-Ksecondary part (magnets, 192 mm)
ML 1400-Msecondary part (magnets, 288 mm)
Analog hall sensoranalog hall sensor
Digital hall sensordigital hall sensor
ML 15... (ironless)
ML 1503primary part (coils)
ML 1506primary part (coils)
ML 1509primary part (coils)
ML 1512primary part (coils)
ML 1500-Ksecondary part (magnets, 126 mm)
ML 1500-Msecondary part (magnets, 168 mm)
ML 1500-Lsecondary part (magnets, 210 mm)
ML 1500-Xsecondary part (magnets, 546 mm)
ML 1500-Bsecondary part (magnets, 588 mm)
Digital hall sensordigital hall sensor
ML 16... (ironless)
ML 1603primary part (coils)
ML 1606primary part (coils)
ML 1609primary part (coils)
ML 1612primary part (coils)
ML 1600-Ksecondary part (magnets, 90 mm)
ML 1600-Msecondary part (magnets, 120 mm)
ML 1600-Lsecondary part (magnets, 390 mm)
Digital hall sensordigital hall sensor

Other Servo Motor Series and Gear Boxes

Further data, also of gear boxes or other servo motors, are available on request. Contact: e-mail:, phone.: +49 6167 9306-0.

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