ESR Pollmeier GmbH - Servo Drive Technology

Positioning Controls

Because of their

servo drive systems by ESR are particularly suitable for positioning tasks.

There are different ways to solve a positioning task depending on whether or not a higher-level controller is used.

Stand-alone Applications without Higher-Level Controller

The integrated positioning control of the digital servo drives TrioDrive D/xS, MidiDrive D/xS, or Servo Drives New Generation takes up the complete motion sequence. All target positions can be defined in up to 500 program blocks and 255 variables. The part program also offers arithmetic and comparison functions, digital and analog input and output, and access to all parameters, setpoints, and actual values of the servo drive, so that even complex applications can be realized.

Automation Systems with Higher-Level Controllers (CNC/PLC/IPC)

The controller contains the motion sequences for one or more axes and sends positioning commands to the digital servo drives TrioDrive D/xS, MidiDrive D/xS, or Servo Drives New Generation. Digital transmission of setpoint and actual values simplifies the data exchange and provides for best repeatability. The servo drive-integrated positioning function relieves the controller so that more processor power is available to other tasks or a smaller controller is sufficient.