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Ball Screw Actuators

With their compact design, ball screw actuators are an excellent replacement for hydraulic cylinders. In combination with a rotatory servo motor, the integrated ball screw moves a piston rod.

Advantages of the ESR ball screw actuators:

The ball screw actuators can be combined with all ESR AC servo motors.

Characteristics of the ESR Ball Screw Actuators

Technical Specifications

Order number MZ 446x
Housing smooth cylinder profile
Piston rod stainless steel with anti-rotation mechanism
Ball screw design Precision ball screw drive,
ball nut with reduced axial backlash
Degree of protection IP65 (optional IP65CR)
Traveling speed up to 2.5 m/s
Max. acceleration up to 20 m/s2
Max. force up to 29 kN
Stroke 30 .. 1,500 mm
Axial backlash <0.02 mm
Width × height 47 mm × 47 mm .. 110 mm × 110 mm
3D CAD data on request
Matching servo motors MR series AC servo motors

On request, we will be pleased to send you further information.

Ball Screw Actuators With Integrated Motor

As particularly compact variant, we offer ball screw actuators with a servo motor integrated in the housing. On request, we will be pleased to send you information on these.

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