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ESR offers to you pre-sales and after-sales support, from the configuration of a servo drive system adapted to your application, to servicing throughout the entire machine life. Please talk to us!

Drive system configuration in cooperation with users

You need a solution for a positioning application, two-axis synchronization, ...? We'll be glad to determine the servo drive matching your application and to make an offer

Direct contact: Ingo Mattstädt,, tel: +49 6167 9306-16

Customer-specific adaptations

Your special application requires an exceptional servo drive? Just talk to us!

Direct contact: Günther Klenk,, tel: +49 6167 9306-36

Technical support for customers

The servo drives are delivered in default configuration. If questions should arise during commissioning, we are ready to support you.

Direct contact: Günther Klenk,, tel: +49 6167 9306-36


You know your machine? We know our drives! If you do not want to optimize the controller parameters on your own or your application makes extreme demands: Just use our commissioning service!

Direct contact: Günther Klenk,, tel: +49 6167 9306-36

Servicing throughout the entire machine life

Important for you as a customer: our after-sales support. If the worst comes to the worst our service team will help you.

Direct contact: Günther Klenk,, tel: +49 6167 9306-36


For support incidents, you can use TeamViewerQS_en.exe (4.0 MB) to allow us remote access to your PC – just download and start the software. For further informationen see

Our support offer is subject to our General Terms and Conditions (see
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