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Characteristics of the DC compact servo drives
  • Analog servo drives for DC servo motors
  • Particularly suitable for applications with higher-level controllers (CNC)
  • Compact drives for control cabinet installation, complete with built-in power supply
  • Mains connection to 230 V AC
  • Design conforms to EMC requirements (CE marked), compliance with class A and B through RFI-filters (internal)
  • Easy wiring, since all connections can be plugged in at the front
  • High performance with compact dimensions thanks to use of surface mounting devices (SMT) and latest power transistors (MOSFETs)
  • Easy installation due to adjustable feedback, speed, offset, current limit, and I×R compensation
  • Rapid acceleration, deceleration and reversing of servo motor by momentary current increase to double the rated current
  • No noise with switching frequency well above audible range
  • Control supply voltage fed by bus voltage
  • Safe operation thanks to various protection and monitoring circuits
  • Drive and motor protected by adjustable It current limiter
  • Easy error diagnosis with LEDs for fault, standby, and overload

Order number BN 6508 / BN 6509 *
Mains connection 230 V AC
Rated output voltage 40 V
Rated current, rms value 4 A
Peak current
(crest value)
8 A
Max. motor power 126 W
Switching frequency 16 kHz
Setpoint 10 V
Dimensions ** w×h×d 103 × 144 [179] × 205 mm
* BN 6509 = device with extended equipment, see data sheet
** without [with] mounting straps

As a replacement for the obsolete servo drives BN 6512 to BN 6521 we can offer you UnoDrive servo drives. Please contact us if required.

Further characteristics can be found in the data sheet 6508.251 "DC Compact", which can be sent to your company address.
Just send a short message: e-mail:, tel: +49 6167 9306-0.

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