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DC Compact

DC Compact servo drives are available for replacement needs only. Please see UnoDrive for current servo drives for DC servo motors.

Characteristics of the DC Compact Servo Drives

Technical Specifications

Order number BN 6508 / BN 6509 *
Mains connection 230 V∼
Rated output voltage 40 V
Rated current, rms value 4 A
Peak current (crest value) 8 A
Max. motor power 126 W
Switching frequency 16 kHz
Setpoint ±10 V
Dimensions ** w×h×d 103 × 144 [179] × 205 mm

* BN 6509 = device with extended equipment, see data sheet
** without [with] mounting straps

As a replacement for the servo drives BN 6508 and BN 6509 and for the obsolete servo drives BN 6512 to BN 6521 we can offer you UnoDrive servo drives. Please contact us if required.

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