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Our software makes the parameterization, commissioning, and diagnosis of the digital ESR servo drives easier for you. It can also support you at writing application programs or integrating the drives into automation systems.

Data sheet 6710.260 – Software for Servo Drives

"SPP Windows" and "SPP Windows light" command and commissioning software
for Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • one software for all device families and variants
  • easy handling and commissioning of the digital servo drives using a personal computer
  • intuitive, Windows-like user interface
  • bilingual English/German (switchable), other languages on request
  • for entering and editing machine data and part programs (part program editor in the full version of SPP Windows)
  • functions for comparing the actual data record with the data in the device or a file (in the full version of SPP Windows)
  • controlling the drives in all operating modes for commissioning purposes
  • oscilloscope functions for comfortable controller parameters setup (reduced signal selection in SPP Windows light)
  • frequently needed functions accessible via hotkeys
  • possibilities for data archives and documentation
  • file export into various formats for support of higher-level controllers, e. g. AWL, SCS, XML, EDS (in the full version of SPP Windows)
  • menu structure complies with the standards of the VDI/VDE 2186 Directive "User interface for drive control devices"
  • connection to the servo drive via the serial or the fieldbus interface (fieldbus only available in the full version of SPP Windows)
  • using the same parameters (DRIVECOM profile 22) regardless of the interface
  • convenient update possibility via internet

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Function blocks

for easy integration of the digital servo drives into automation systems

  • available for Siemens Simatic S7 and compatible controllers as well as many controllers according to IEC 61131-3 with CoDeSys or Multiprog programming system (3S, KW-Software), e. g. (in alphabetical order)*
    • Beckhoff TwinCAT
    • Berthel EcoLine, ComCon_xx7, and ModuCon
    • Bosch Indra (e. g. L40 series)
    • Bosch Opcon
    • Esitron APS100
    • Frenzel+Berg EASY2500 series
    • IBHsoftec S7-CX series
    • saia-burgess PCD3
    • Schleicher Prosycon
    • Siemens controller of the S7-300 DP or S7-400 series with integrated Profibus DP interface
    • VIPA Speed7
    • Wago 750-837 and 758-870
  • support of other controllers on request
  • functions follow the PLCopen specification "Function blocks for motion control" (based on IEC 61131-3)
  • example programs for the use of the function library as starting point for developing own programs
  • Process data and parameter communication via Profibus DP or PDO/SDO communication via CANopen
  • Controller-initiated parameterization of the servo drives (e. g. after power-on)
  • Actuating motions (positioning relative/absolute, going to home position, velocity mode, ...)
  • Influencing the drive-integrated positioning control (part program)
  • Input/output of binary signals (software I/O)

In order to make you an offer, we need manufacturer and CPU type of the controller as well as name and version number of the programming system you use.

*This list is continuously being extended.

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DriveServer OPC server

The DriveServer makes drive integration into automation systems easier. The DriveServer supplies PC-based control systems with the data of the connected drives. Access to the drives is carried out via the standardized OPC interface. The principle is similar to the Windows printer drivers: the manufacturer supplies the hardware and a floppy disk with the software driver of the device. After installation all application programs – drive tools, visualization and process data acquisition systems etc. – can access the device and all its functions.


ESR Pollmeier has participated in the development of this concept. The DriveServer OPC server is available for all digital servo drives by ESR (e. g. for Profibus DP, CANopen, Interbus or TCP/IP access via Ethernet).

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Drivers and DLL libraries

for SPP Windows and for the development of customized application programs under Windows XP/Vista/7/8

  • Example programs for the use of the function library as starting point for developing own programs
  • Win32-DLL libraries for accessing the functions of the digital servo drives
  • Modules for Borland Cbuilder Compiler, Microsoft MSC-Compiler, Visual Basic (VBA) and Pascal (Delphi) included
  • Interface drivers for connection via the serial interface, the fieldbus interface, TCP/IP (Ethernet), or DriveServer (OPC)
  • Uniform function calls allow interface-independent programming
  • Using the same parameters (DRIVECOM profile 22) regardless of the interface

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