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TrioDrive D/xS

Characteristics of the TrioDrive D/xS servo drives
  • Digital servo drives for AC servo motors and direct drives (torque motors, linear motors)
  • Compact drives for control cabinet installation, complete with built-in power supply for direct connection to 230 V~ AC (wide-range input)
  • Integrated safety system, wear-free, two-channel (PL e according to ISO 13849-1 and SIL 3 according to IEC 61800-2)
  • Design conforms to EMC requirements (CE marked; class A standard, class B through accessories)
  • Switching frequency 8 or 16 kHz selectable for optimum dynamic characteristics and small motor power loss
  • High dynamics and control quality through signal processor for digital control of current and speed (controller cycle time 62.5 µs)
  • Position control loop (16-bit microcontroller, cycle time 1 ms) integrated, setting the target positions via communication interfaces (standard) or positioning control with 500 blocks (option)
  • Rapid acceleration, deceleration, and reversing of the motor by momentary current increase to three times the rated current
  • High processor power for fast axis control and communication
  • Extensive technology functions, positioning control as an option
  • 8 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs, additionally 2 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs (partly optional)
  • Communication via fieldbus interface according to DRIVECOM profile 22 or serial port, RS 232C (standard)
  • Easy wiring, since all connections can be plugged in at the front and at the top
  • Certification according to UL (CSA on request)
  • Comfortable commissioning and diagnosis using a personal computer
  • Function blocks for the development of customized application programs and easy integration in automation systems available
  • TrioDrive D/AS: with analog interface and encoder emulation
  • TrioDrive D/CS: with CANopen interface
  • TrioDrive D/ES: with EtherCAT or Ethernet (TCP/IP) interface
  • TrioDrive D/PS: with Profibus DP interface
Data Sheet 6755.250 – TrioDrive D/xS / MidiDrive D/xS Servo Drives

Order number BN 6755 BN 6756 BN 6757 BN 6758 *
Rated supply voltage 230 V~ ±10%, 50 .. 60 Hz
Rated DC-bus voltage 320 V DC
Permissible supply voltage 85 .. 253 V~ (corresponds to 115 .. 340 V DC-bus voltage)
Rated current (rms value) 0.8 A 2 A 4 A 6 A
Peak current (crest value) 3.4 A 8.5 A 17 A 25.5 A
for AC servo motors up to 0.5 Nm rated torque up to 1.5 Nm rated torque up to 3.5 Nm rated torque up to 5.5 Nm rated torque
Switching frequency 8 or 16 kHz (to be selected)
Control supply voltage 24 V DC ±20%, 0.8 A
Dimensions w×h×d 70 × 195 × 200 mm
* BN 6758 (6 A device) servo drives may be operated up to a loading of 70% without restrictions. For a higher loading, the device must be installed next to a control cabinet fan or equipped with a sub-assembled fan.

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