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Servo Drive Technology


With our extensive accessories we supply the complete servo drive system from a single source – for easy installation, easy wiring, and easy commissioning. We supply:

Mounting parts
  • chassis
  • compact enclosures
  • mounting sets

Cables and connectors
  • motor supply cables
  • resolver/encoder connection cables
  • complete cable sets
  • resolver connectors
  • connector sets
Electrical accessories (if not already built-in)
  • line chokes and motor chokes
  • RFI-filters
  • ferrite rings
  • shield connection plates
  • synchronization units

Fieldbus interface for digital servo drives and multi-axis servo system

Software for digital servo drives

Also for complete solutions:

  • operator terminal
  • further accessories as required
See also Data sheet 8817.201 – Accessories for servo drives (PDF, 160 kB)
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