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Multi-axis servo system

The multi-axis servo systems consists of motion control modules by Promicon Systems and servo power modules by ESR. It is particularly suited for coordinated multi-axis applications, e. g. in handling and assembly systems or pick+place applications.
What is so special about the multi-axis servo system by ESR is: You can use any type of servo motor with it, e. g.:
  • AC servo motors
  • DC servo motors
  • linear motors
  • solenoid motors
  • direct drives
  • torque motors
  • 2- and 3-phase motors
  • 1 to 50 pole pairs

This page provides you with an overview of the multi-axis servo system. Detailed information on a specific module can be found in the data sheet (coming soon).

Motion control modules

Characterisitics of the motion control modules:

  • for coordinated motions of multiple axes
  • with integrated digital position and velocitiy control for highest accuracy
  • integrated in the SYSTEM-90E controller system by Promicon Systems
  • highest flexibility and dynamics due to multi-tasking operation and minimum reaction times
  • suitable for various position feedback systems (resolvers, incremental encoders, etc.)
  • connection to the servo power modules via uniform pLINK interface
  • integral system diagnostics with alarms and log file recording
  • digital parameterization, programming, and monitoring of the system with just one software
  • integration in higher-level controller systems via Profibus, Interbus, OPC, or pNET (RS 232)

Multi-axis servo system: principle

Servo power modules

Characteristics of the servo power modules:

  • for flexibly driving various motor types
  • compact design for direct mains connection
  • easy connection to the motion control module with standard RJ45 cable
  • several devices can be mounted directly next to each other (without lateral gap)
  • suitable for servo motors by ESR Pollmeier or other manufacturers
  • for motor powers from 100 W to 10 kW
  • frequent switching off and on without waiting time possible

Data sheet 6620.250 – TrioDrive C / MidiDrive C (PDF, 205 kB)

Overview of the servo power modules

Device family
TrioDrive C

MidiDrive C
Design Compact Compact
Mains connection
(wide range input)
direct, 230 V~
(42 .. 253 V)
direct, 3 × 400 .. 480 V~
(85 .. 528 V)
DC bus
320 V DC 560..680 V DC
Rated current 2 .. 6 A * 2 .. 20 A
Peak current
(crest value)
5.5 .. 17 A 5.5 .. 55 A
for any type of servo motors up to approx. 1.8 kW up to approx. 10 kW
Switching frequency 16 / 32 kHz (setting via parameters) 8 / 16 / 32 kHz (setting via parameters)
Dimensions ** w×h×d 60 × 175 [195] × 200 mm 85 × 255 [275] × 200 mm or 150 × 270 [305] × 200 mm
* Operation of the BN 6623 power module (6 A device) is permissible without restriction at a loading of 70% or less. At higher loading, the device has to be mounted next to a control cabinet fan or has to be equipped with a subassembled fan.
** without [with] mounting straps

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