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TrioDrive D

Characteristics of the TrioDrive D servo drives
  • Digital servo drives for AC servo motors
  • Compact drives for control cabinet installation, complete with built-in power supply for direct connection to 230 V AC
  • Design conforms to EMC requirements (CE marked; class A standard, class B through accessories)
  • Full digital servo drives with 2 processors: signal processor and 16-bit microcontroller
  • High dynamics and control quality through signal processor for digital control of current and speed (controller cycle time 62.5 Ásec)
  • Position control loop (cycle time 1 msec) integrated, setting the target positions via communication interfaces (standard) or positioning control with 500 blocks (option)
  • 8 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs
  • Pilot frequency mode (pulse inputs, direction same as stepper motor controls) as an option
  • Communication via one serial port, RS 232C (standard) and optionally Interbus, CANopen, or Profibus-DP according to DRIVECOM profile 22 or Sercos interface
  • Easy wiring, since all connections can be plugged in at the front and at the top
  • Comfortable installation using a personal computer
  • Operating modes and technology functions in command mode or program mode*: torque mode, speed mode, profile position mode, electronic gearing, flying shear*, electronic cam disk*, fine interpolation*
    (* = optional)
Data sheet 6750.250 – TrioDrive D (PDF, 312 kB)

Order number BN 6751 BN 6752 BN 6753 *
Mains connection 230 V AC ▒10%, 50 .. 60 Hz
Bus voltage 320 V DC
Rated current, rms value 2 A 4 A 6 A
Peak current
(crest value)
5.5 A 11 A 17 A
For AC servo motors
– Rated torque
– Shaft power
up to 1.0 Nm
up to 0.5 kW
up to 3.5 Nm
up to 1.0 kW
up to 5.0 Nm
up to 1.5 kW
Max. motor power 0.5 kW 1.0 kW 1.5 kW
Switching frequency 16 kHz
Control supply voltage 24 V DC ▒20%, 0.8 A
Dimensions ** w×h×d 85 × 175 [195] × 200 mm
* Operation of the BN 6753 drive (6 A device) is permissible without restriction at a loading of 70% or less. At higher loading, the device has to be mounted next to a control cabinet fan or has to be equipped with a subassembled fan.
** without [with] mounting straps

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