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TrioDrive D

TrioDrive D servo drives are available for replacement needs only. Please see Servo Drives New Generation or TrioDrive D/xS for current series of digital AC servo drives with similar power.

Characteristics of the TrioDrive D Servo Drives

Technical Specifications

Order number BN 6751 BN 6752 BN 6753 *
Mains connection 230 V∼ ±10%, 50 .. 60 Hz
DC-bus voltage 320 V DC
Rated current, rms value 2 A 4 A 6 A
Peak current (crest value) 5.5 A 11 A 17 A
For AC servo motors
– Rated torque
– Shaft power

up to 1.0 Nm
up to 0.5 kW

up to 3.5 Nm
up to 1.0 kW

up to 5.0 Nm
up to 1.5 kW
Switching frequency 16 kHz
Control supply voltage 24 V DC ±20%, 0.8 A
Dimensions ** w×h×d 85 × 175 [195] × 200 mm

* Operation of the BN 6753 drive (6 A device) is permissible without restriction at a loading of 70% or less. At higher loading, the device has to be mounted next to a control cabinet fan or has to be equipped with a subassembled fan.
** without [with] mounting straps

As a replacement for the servo drives BN 6751 to BN 6753 we can offer you Servo Drives New Generation or TrioDrive D/xS servo drives. Please contact us if required.

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