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News: Archives 2001

SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2001 Participation in the SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2001 exhibition
09/03/2001 The new servo drive family TrioDrive A – analog compact drives 2 .. 6 A for direct connection to 230 V~ mains – is available.
07/13/2001 WWW update: Find detailed information about servo drives, their application fields, and modes of operation on the FAQ and Applications pages.
06/21/2001 Data sheet 6660.268 of the AP / HP servo gears as PDF file for Download (see also on the Products/Servo motors page).
05/23/2001 This web page is one of the 8,000 most important German business addresses in the internet. According to the m.w. Verlag the ESR Pollmeier WWW pages are (among others) highly useful, up to date, designed pleasantly but still load fast. Because of this, our address made it into the "Web-Branchenbuch für Deutschland" (classified web directory for Germany). We are pleased about this honor!
05/22/2001 Data sheets 6646.250 (TrioDrive) and 6661.250 (MidiDrive) of the analog AC servo drives as PDF files for Download (see also on the Products/Servo drives page).
Hannover Fair 2001 Participation in the Hannover Fair 2001: In addition to our own booth, we presented ourselves at the joint DriveServer stands of the Interbusclub and the PNO (Profibus User Organization).
03/30/2001 Inform yourself of all products by ESR with our new product overview as PDF file for Download.
Top Business Site 2001 The "Top Business Site" award of the MM Verlagsgesellschaft reflects the entirely positive feedback of our customers:

"Your homepage has a clear practical use and economical relevance. That sets you positively apart from 90% of all internet pages. In addition the pages are quick, clearly arranged and designed in a pleasant way." (translated)

– many thanks!

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